ABA Therapy More Effective in Picture cards

As many parents of autistic children know, ABA Therapy is the only treatment that is proven effective for the treatment of ASD. The only treatment covered by most insurers and offered by most schools, ABA Training works to rewire the neurons in a child’s brain, helping them to create pathways that are present in the brains of most children and allowing them the ability to communicate and learn in much the same manner as their peers, and things such as pictures help to make this more effective.
The cards help the children make a visual connection to different ideas and concepts. Picture cards can also be used to help teach language and expression. Cards with varied scenes and images can be used in a variety of ways, including enabling educators to ask general questions to help the child understand what is happening in the picture.

There is no doubt that ABA therapy is effective, and there is also no doubt that picture cards can help it work even better. When utilized with proper discrete teaching trials and as part of a standard ABA curriculum, these cards can offer teachers a much better way to help students understand ideas and concepts. Learning can be a very attainable goal for students with autism spectrum disorder, and offering the tools and supplements needed to make it easier can greatly improve the results.
Picture cards are often an integral part of Applied Behavior Analysis. For children with autism spectrum disorder, large concepts and the idea of cause and effect are not immediately recognizable. Instead, concepts must be broken down into individual steps or tasks. This is true for such acts as tying shoes or brushing teeth and is also true for concepts such as the movement of the sun during the day or rain falling from the clouds. Picture cards help to break down these tasks and concepts into images that represent each step.